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Frequently asked questions about Marine Airconditioning units Cold Chilli 650-12 and 650-24

Cold Chilli 800-12 and Cold Chilli800-24 are 12V and 24V DC powered Marine Air Conditioning units. They are made of marine grade materials. We developed this unit in last few years into the most efficient and quiet operating unit that we possibly could. Our unit runs so quietly that enables anybody to sleep in the same cabin with our working unit. Its capacity and silent work make them ideal solution for cooling the sleeping cabin

The capacity is 800W or 2730 BTU/h of cooling power. It is enough for a sleeping cabin, but on the other hand, it is not enough for larger saloons,

The 12V unit uses around 30A with seawater pump and 24V unit around 15A with seawater pump.

No, it is just for cooling.

That depends on how long you want to run the unit. For example, if someone wants to run 3h of net time (the time when the thermostat kicks in) we can multiply 30A of consumption with 3h and we get 90Ah of total consumption. In case of standard lead-acid battery, it is recommended not to be discharged more than 50% to ensure the expected battery life. That means the min 180Ah battery is recommended. In case other types of a battery such as Gel or AGM or other deep cycle battery there is possible to discharge more than 50%.

It is not recommended to install the unit in the salon. Low capacity cannot cope with large sun-lit space possibly crowded with active people (cooking, dancing,…).

Cold Chilli 800 AC unit is ideal for cooling sleeping cabins. It is battery powered (no need for noisy generator) and silent which make it ideal also for evening and night use.

The Cold Chilli 800 AC unit has a very flat design, so it best fits under the bed space. Air diffusers (inlet and outlet), electrical supply, seawater pump and filter with salt water inlet and outlet through hull need to be installed also.

No. Cold Chilli 800-12 and 800-24 are compact units. That means refrigeration circuit is completed inside the unit. The unit is also factory charged with refrigerant.

Yes of course? Besides standard toolset you need drilling machine, appropriate saw (jigsaw for example) to cut air diffuser holes and drill crown to drill the holes for through hulls.

Besides AC unit you need:

  • For electricity – appropriate cables, fuse and switch to power AC unit.
  • For seawater installation – two through hulls, seawater filter, seawater pump, hoses, clamps and appropriate fittings.
  • For air distribution – Two grills with air chamber, insulated flexible hose fi125mm/5” and clamps.
  • For drainage – hose, clamps and possibly condensate pump.

Yes, it is. The AC unit needs seawater to cool the condenser. We strongly recommend that AC unit has its own water supply through the hull. It is technically possible to combine AC unit to existing water inlets through hull but in case of failure of some part of the system, there is no guarantee that the device which primarily uses water inlet will operate properly. In some cases that can also lead to some damage to the AC unit or primary water inlet using the device.

The condensate is evacuated gravitationally from the AC unit. It is recommended to be drained in some already existing overboard drainage system (shower sump for example). If the shower sump is too far, we can offer 12V condensate pump.

Air vents are to be installed in the highest possible place. Try to install at least one air vent at the higher place if there is the problem to install both suction and supply air vent high. If this is not possible use grills with adjustable blades and direct them upwards. In this case, it might happen that the cabin will not be cooled under the ceiling of the cabin.

Yes, there is simplified and user-friendly version. There is simple switch off timer adjustable from 30 min to 5 hours in 30 min increments. It is the most suitable option for evening use.

No. The user can set the switch-off voltage. When the set voltage is reached the unit automatically stops working.

The unit needs regular cleaning and disinfecting and air filter washing. From time to time it is advised to check the drainage and seawater flow.

Yes. There is a special module available. With that module, it is possible to control the AC unit via internet site accessible through owners cellular telephone. Access is protected with an individual password. The module has also built-in GPS and some other inputs to control bilge pump operation, battery, boat position, engine RPM… The module could be also used separately. Low power consumption approx 1Ah/month makes it suitable for “winter” use.

Cold Chilli Device

Cold Chilli Device